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Renewed Hope offers practical approaches for navigating life’s unexpected challenges.​

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Coaching Services

All individuals are uniquely designed which is why the coaching experience is contextualized to suit that uniqueness.

Life Coaching:

  • Identify obstacles and challenges

  • Create action plans with concrete goals

  • Make the necessary changes to accomplish these goals

  • Provide accountability, encouragement, and support to ensure that you follow your plan


Career Coaching:

  • Construct a resume

  • Prepare for job interviews

  • Explore career opportunities you may not have known existed

Conflict Coaching:

  • Develop the skills to engage and resolve interpersonal conflict in a productive manner.

Diversity and Inclusion Coaching:

Become a better leader and manager in your workplace and create the optimal environment for business growth, job longevity, and employee satisfaction.

  • Recognize workplace bias and micro-aggressions

  • Address behaviors and practices of exclusion

  • Create a culture of belonging

  • Understand how to amplify and platform other voices effectively


Mediation Services

Conflict is stressful, and we often find it difficult to talk about our interests and concerns. 

Renewed Hope mediation offers a safe environment for individuals to identify issues of conflict and promotes a process of problem-solving through which parties can express needs and interests, explore mutually agreeable solutions, and negotiate satisfying settlements. 


I have successfully negotiated large and small settlements in the following case matters:​

  • Community Concerns

  • Small Claims

  • Domestic Relations/Civil Unions

  • Divorce

  • Personal Injury

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Labor Relations and Workplace Conflict

  • Employment Issues

if you want help resolving a dispute, and need a mediator who will assure fairness and assist parties in moving the process forward, I can help you! 



Relevant, timely, thorough.  Three words that come to mind when I think of Renewed Hope under the direction of Pamala Campbell.  Diversity and Inclusion is tough, often messy work for any organization – large or small, corporate or non-profit. 

Pamala has just the right temperament to tackle intercultural complexities, and she embodies the courage to face hard truths.  She is the first person I would call to guide any group into wholeness through the lens of cultural development.         


Mr. Bahari J. Harris

VP |Community Banking Manager

Bank of America

"The 3 years that I worked as part of the Cultural Development team under Pamala Campbell's leadership were some of the most developmental and encouraging of my career.


Pamala was decisive; her expectations were clear,  specific, and unstinting.


She regularly challenges me to embrace the fact that I have a powerful voice in conversations related to culture, injustice, bias and diversity.


Because of Pamala's direction, leadership and encouragement, I am now making, and will continue to make, a much more significant contribution to the issue of cultural diversity in every arena of my life."

Rick Yorgey

Pastor, Impact DMV Church

I had the privilege of sitting through three years of the Cultural Development process with the Navigators.

Pamala Campbell was the perfect person to do much of the presenting. She is a person of color with extensive background in all of the subject matter. She was always gracious, kind, and informed.

I loved her wit, her discernment, and her character. It was clear that she was a person of conviction backed up with a wealth of research and experience. Her courage was profoundly evident.

Alan Andrews

Former U.S. Director, Navigators

“In my previous organization, we had to attend a cultural diversity training class every year and honestly, I dreaded going and felt like, "I get it already, don't treat people differently based on their race/skin color.”

What I realized in yesterday's session, was that I was so wrong; I don't get it, I never got it, and I did not have a clue how others felt and what they were/are going through.


I truly loved every exercise; I could tell that this training was put together with much thought.”

                  Workshop Participant

Pamala boldly proclaims truth while being gracious and patient with her approach. Her perspective and wisdom in regards to cultural development is invaluable. After sitting under Pamala's teaching, you will walk away with greater insight leading to positive personal and cultural impact. 

Cassie Carrigan, MA, LPC, NCC

Professional Counselor

“Pamala Campbell is an amazing leader, instructor, and influencer.


She assembled and trained a masterful team to influence the culture of a multi-thousand person, national organization with regard to cultural awareness and sensitivity.


She did this all with skill, sensitivity, and wisdom.


Pamala was able to challenge antagonistic points of view, and work toward harmony and reconciliation.


Her ability to speak publicly is top notch.


I highly recommend her.


Robert Reehm

Award-Winning Author and Speaker

 “I felt challenged to walk boldly into my discomfort; into the ugliness of my own heart, hearing the stories of people who are different from me and even thinking about how to respond when I hear people like me expressing prejudices and biases."

Workshop Participant

"Pamala is an outstanding mediator, demonstrating exceptional communication and listening skills.

Using effective strategies and techniques, Pamala empowers her clients to self-determine and reach mutually satisfying resolutions.

She strikes a wonderful balance between being friendly and personable while maintaining utmost professionalism."

Jan Rodgers

Conflict Specialist, M.A.,

Rodgers Mediation, LLC


Welcome to Renewed Hope


My name is Pamala Campbell, and I am the Founder and CEO of Renewed Hope.

I hold an MS in Counseling Psychology and have nearly 30 years of combined experience in counseling, coaching, mediation, and professional training and development.

I've dedicated my life to helping others build meaningful relationships and embark on the journey to become their authentic self.

Are you ready to pursue your life's purpose and remove the barriers preventing you from living a joy-filled life?

Give me a call, I'd love to walk alongside you on the journey!​​


As a mediator, I have successfully negotiated large and small settlements in case matters involving community concerns, small claims, domestic relations/divorce, personal injury, landlord/tenant, and workplace conflict.

Mediation offers each party an opportunity to share their perspectives, engage in a process of problem-solving,  and develop solutions that meet the needs and interests of both parties.


We all want to remove the negativity that surrounds us and develop skill sets to maintain a positive outlook on life. But sometimes circumstances cause us to feel overwhelmed, distraught, angry, withdrawn, or depressed.

​Coaching helps you cultivate the skills you need to adopt and maintain new habits.

Discover how to overcome personal challenges, establish action steps to achieve your desired goals, and embrace accountability as you strive to create your balanced, best life!


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Weekends and evenings - By Appointment only

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